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22 Dec. 11

VAT update – Ireland

As you are no doubt aware, the VAT rate is increasing in Ireland from January 1st 2012. The new rate of VAT in Ireland will be 23%.

Any order placed on our website up to and including December 31st 2011 will be billed at the old VAT rate of 21% – and any order placed from January 1st onwards will be charged at the 23% VAT rate.

We regret the Irish Government’s decision to increase the VAT rate – hopefully the increase will be reversed soon.

Here is to a Happy New Year to all our customers!


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Chris posted:

Posted at 2012.01.08 19:26:37

Good luck with doing business in Ireland with the new VAT rate I for one will not be buying anything in Ireland again .Rather go abroad to buy especially as a lot are offering free postage and a lot cheaper.
I think that company’s should absorb the vat to maintain there competitive edge .

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