Welcome to the Transcend 16GB DrivePro 200 Car Video Recorder with Built-In Wi-Fi

We’ve all said it – “You wouldn’t believe what happened to me on the way home from work today…. Some driver just pulled out of a junction right in front of me!”

We’re also getting more familiar with the spate of youtube videos being posted on social media of dash cam coverage of cars crashing, sliding on ice and worse. We’ve seen amazing clips of near misses and road rage incidents, crashing Lamborghinis and general mayhem.

Well, the good news – now you can actually show your mates what happened by capturing all the action yourself!

Transcend 16GB DrivePro 200

The Drivepro from Transcend is brand new to the market and aimed at customers who want an easy to use, multi-functional in car camera with a price point that will leave you smiling.

We took one for a test drive recently and here’s what we found

First of all, what’s in the box? The unit itself, the DrivePro CVR, a small mounting bracket, car adapter, video cable and 16gb SDHC card which should be enough for even the most ardent user. Finally, a quick start guide which will help you with the installation process and operating instructions.

Following the intuitive instructions in the guide, It’s incredibly easy to install and discreet – firstly make sure you pick a spot on your windscreen that won’t obscure your vision. I went for just in front of my rear view mirror, so it was up out of my way. The other advantage of this spot is that from the outside, it’s not immediately clear you have a camera installed as the rear view mirror also obscures it from outside.

I attached the small mounting bracket to my chosen windscreen spot. Before attaching the camera to the bracket I installed the 16gb SDHC into the unit and formatted it. I then clipped the camera to the bracket. There’s a knurled adjusting knob which allows you to rotate the camera until you have found your optimal position. I plugged the car adapter into the cigarette lighter and connected it to the camera.

The cable is extra long allowing you to route it from the cigarette lighter, around the dashboard and windscreen and into the camera. (Again, keeping it discreet and out of the way.)
The camera kicked in immediately and I could see out of the car from the large view screen at the back as I adjusted the position of the camera before tightening the knob on the bracket.

Following the quick start guide, I was able to easily adjust the camera settings to my own preferences. You have a number of options quick to hand. For example, you can set the record time from 1 to 5 minutes, you can choose loop recording, change the resolution, change the exposure and turn on or off the microphone, amongst others. You’ll have to play with it to find your own preferences.

And this is the kicker – this unit also comes with built-in WiFi which allows you to quickly manage the unit, download and review clips and change settings using your mobile device, making life that bit easier! Instead of fiddling with the unit when it is in place, simply download the App, DrivePro 200, available for both iOS and android, connect using the WiFi and adjust it from the safety and comfort of your mobile device. Obviously, do not do this when driving!! Video clips can also be transferred to your PC or laptop using a card reader or USB cable.

The Drivepro provided some of the best quality video images I have seen from an onboard camera. It records in 1080p Full HD and uses a 7 glass lens for ultra sharp images with an F2 Aperture. The video is captured at a more than adequate 30 frames per second. The large f/2.0 aperture means this lens will automatically adjust to light conditions to capture all details of an event, including license plates, in both day and night, while the built-in microphone can record sound if required.

Driving in bright sunshine, rain, dark and misty conditions, the quality of the recording was exceptional.

Video of DrivePro in action

The 160 ◦ Wide Angle Lens gives you a great view of both sides of a main road, 4 lanes of a motorway and on narrower roads takes in paths on either side as well.

In addition to great camera specs, if the DrivePro 200’s built-in motion G-Sensor detects an impact during recording, it will instantly trigger emergency recording mode. Video files recorded in emergency mode are protected from being overwritten. You also have the option to manually activate emergency recording mode using the accessible emergency button.

So why would want to use this camera? The evidence captured in the video clips can be used to assist you in all manner of driving incidents including providing images to the local police or assisting in insurance claims. The camera will even encourage good driving practices if you are in charge of a fleet of vehicles, with the driver knowing his actions are being recorded!

Transcend DrivePro Camera

In summary, then, the Transcend Drive Pro 200 is a very affordable, high-quality dash cam that is exceptionally easy to use and a device you’ll wonder how you did without all those years!

Unlike a fisherman telling the tale of the ‘one that got away’, this time the gang will finally believe the tales you tell of motorway driving!

Available to purchase now you can order your Drive Pro here today


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