The Latest on Samsung’s New UFS Memory Card

2013 was the year we saw major improvements to memory cards. During that year, the organization who creates standards for memory cards, JEDEC UFS (Universal Flash Storage), upgraded its speed standards to UFS 2.0. The new speed standard flooded the market with amazing memory cards that could withstand the demands of advanced computing.

For instance, we have seen great memory cards like the 128GB Samsung EVO micro SDXC card, which has transfer speeds up to 48MB per second.

A 48MB/sec speed makes the memory card suitable for taking up to 300 photos per minute, which is more speed than anyone could ever need for performing tasks on current phones, cameras, and other handheld devices.  While Samsung EVO micro SDXC is exceptional, most tech lovers will agree current memory cards will become less favorable as technology advances.

The JEDEC UFS was silent on this matter until March 2016 when Samsung unveiled the first UFS 1.0 memory card. With transfer speeds of up to 530MB per second, the memory card is five times faster than any card on the market.

*The new UFS 1.0 card has speeds similar to that of most solid state drives and is suitable for usage in smartphones, DSLR cameras, action cams, and drones.

Although Samsung has raised the bar with this new UFS 1.0 compliant card, non-card slot compatibility means users will not able to experience the wonders of UFS 1.0 for a very long time. In the future, devices will have micro SD card slots configured to accept UFS 1.0 cards.  These new slots are expected to have backwards compatibility with current memory cards.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was supposed to be the first smartphone with a UFS 1.0 compatible micro-SD slot. However, this never happened and many speculate Samsung will release its new UFS memory card upon the arrival of Samsung Galaxy 8, which is expected to hit stores in the spring of 2017. This is a good guess but, there are no guarantees.

We may be waiting on the arrival of  Samsung’s new UFS memory card for a very long time. In the meanwhile, there are many great memory cards available for handheld devices. Comment, subscribe, and check out some of our micro SD cards at


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