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Welcome to the MemoryC.com blog!

Welcome to our blog!

We will be using our blog to keep you informed about new products, special promotions, shipping updates – well, anything that we feel may be of interest to our customers.

Feel free to comment on anything you see or read here – we check all feedback received here, so why not let us know if you have any comments or suggestions!

Keep an eye on this page – lots more info to come!


One thought on “Welcome to the MemoryC.com blog!

  1. I placed my first order with MemoryC yesterday, and this is an unsolicited testimonial to AWESOME service. I chose expedited shipping, and the order was delivered from Dublin to the south of France this morning — less than 24 hours later.

    The products (an SSD, RAM, and an SD card) arrived well packed and exactly as described. I’ve already installed them and am a very happy camper.

    Kudos to MemoryC for a great operation.

    Sorry if this comment is not appropriate for the topic, but I did not see another place on your site for this. Use it as you will. Thank you.

    tlough (at) gmail…

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