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Problem with phone line – please use alternative number

About 60 minutes ago our phone provider started migrating the lines to a new provider… and they seem to have messed up the lines in the process.

You are now unable to get us on our main number – please use the following alternative number instead:

From Ireland: 01 6275611

From USA: 011 353 1 6275611

From rest of the world: +353 1 6275611

We apologise for this problem and will update you again as soon as this has been rectified.


2 thoughts on “Problem with phone line – please use alternative number

  1. Our phone lines are now finally back to normal.
    Thank you for bearing with us while we go things sorted out here. I promise, no more phone problems from now!

  2. Still no news from our phone company – having spoken to them today it appears it may take another week or more. They basically closed two of our ISDN lines in error and now it is taking them weeks to correct their error.
    So – if anyone has a contact in eircom who can help speed things up please let me know – I’ll happily send a few freebies to anyone who can help 🙂

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