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Tell us what you think – is this the coolest USB drive ever?

Just arrived yesterday… the brand new S805 Sport Series USB drive from A-Data:

A-Data S805 Sport (Gray)
A-Data S805 Sport (Gray)

In our opinion this is one of the coolest USB drives to come to market in a very long time. With the USB drive market becoming more and more competitive, you usually see boring or dull design on most product ranges. Not so with the A-Data S805 Sport – this is designed like a carabiner in sturdy design, and with a flip-out USB connector. I guess one of the A-Data designers is a fan of mountain climbing 🙂

Currently in stock in the 16GB Gray model, but we will also be getting other capacities and colours into stock soon.

So – tell me what you think? Is this one of the coolest USB drives you have seen? Or have you seen something cooler that you would like us to add to our range?

Product page link:



5 thoughts on “Tell us what you think – is this the coolest USB drive ever?

  1. Sorry, wrong place for tech support I’m afraid….
    However, this is a USB drive – simply plug it into your USB port, it will then appear as a removable drive on your PC.
    If you need any furthe help please get in touch via email at support@memoryc.com (that is, of course, if you purchased the item from us – otherwise get in touch with the reseller you got it from.

  2. I have a new fusion drive f102 1gb but no info on how to use it. im new at this can you help me? mr littlefield.

  3. Will you believe it – we now have the red version in stock as well. Check it out, link to product page in my original post above.

  4. I am definately gonna grab one for myself. I have been looking for one of these since I saw it on A-Datas website about 6 weeks ago. Let me get my credit card out 🙂

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