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Severe weather delays!

Please note that due to the severe weather conditions in Ireland and UK at the moment, we are experiencing delays to all our shipping services.

The delays will affect all UK and Irish delivery services, along with express services anywhere else in the world (due to flight delays from Ireland).

We hope that delivery services will be back to normal soon – but this of course depends on how the weather develops over the coming hours and days.

We will keep you posted!



8 thoughts on “Severe weather delays!

  1. Most delivery services are back to normal – apart from Parcelforce, where some packages are still 1-2 days delayed. We have been assured that things will be back to normal from middle of next week.

  2. UPS collection from us today has been cancelled due to the roads being inaccessible. Our next UPS collection will now happen tomorrow morning, with all shipments being one day late.
    We apologise for this delay – sadly, nothing we can do to improve the weather.

  3. We have also just been advised of 1-3 days delay to all orders via “registered post” from yesterday and today.

  4. Fedex collection has been done today, any Fedex orders placed from this point will ship tomorrow only.
    UPS collection will be at 4pm today, orders placed after that point will ship tomorrow.

  5. We have just been informed by DHL that they will not be making any further collections from us today. Any order with DHL shipping will now only be leaving us tomorrow.


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