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Shipping delays today

Hi all,

This morning we experienced some system issues that meant we could not create any delivery notes or invoices from our stock system. We are working very hard to resume normal shipping service but it is looking very likely that many orders will not ship from us until tomorrow.

We are deeply sorry about this – we pride ourselves in our same-day shipping service and we wish to assure our customers that we will be back to normal service tomorrow.

For customers who have paid for express delivery (DHL, Fedex or UPS) we will be offering a partial refund of the shipping fee if the order was delivered later than estimated. To claim your refund please email your order number to us at refundme@memoryc.com and we will take care of it. Please only mail us AFTER you have received your order.

Many apologies again for the inconvenience caused by this temporary issue!



One thought on “Shipping delays today

  1. We are pleased to tell you that all systems are back to normal. Shipping services will resume as normal from Friday morning.
    Apologies to those of you who may have experienced delays in the last day!

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