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New SSD for Apple Macbook Air Rev.A

We have added a new SSD range for the Apple Macbook Air Rev. A today – the SuperTalent 1.8″ PATA ZIF range,MasterDrive GF Series.

In the past we have experienced some supply issues with the other brands we carry in stock. We expect the SuperTalent range to offer us better reliability in terms of availability and also in terms of the product quality.

These newZIF SSDs are available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities at present, and they can be found here:


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3 thoughts on “New SSD for Apple Macbook Air Rev.A

  1. I installed the Super talent zif fzm64 to Rev a MB air, It does not show up, I triple checked the cables seems fine. Even formatted it in another mac , still nogo does not show up in Sys profiler, or when trying to install OS.
    Any help please mail me yogi243@mac.com


  2. To start with Supertalent is an excellent product an well worth the investment. I ordered the SSD on Tuesday and I had the SSD by Friday. Installation was not hard at all. I have a Rev A model and my 80GB model died for no reason on Monday. I was stuck and saw this happy days. I opted to do a clone install. I was not in the mode to do a fresh install and all the applications etc.. One positive note on cloning is it transfers everything. Just be sure to have you battery out when you do a removal of the HD for the SSD.

    My rig load faster and quicker. I highly recommend anyone who have the 1st generation 2008 model ZIF connection. Other models do differ. It is worth a buy the benefits of more speed is great. These are just my views Mark Conner. Happy camper now back up and running.

    On a side note Apple store tried to sell the same original crappy drive to myself for the bones of 300$. Happy as Larry when I saw this item on MemoryC and purchased it.

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