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Hard drive shortages and price increases

Hi all,

You might be wondering what is going on with our range of hard drives – prices increasing every day, and stock selling out and not being replenished!

Well – the floods in Thailand (where the majority of the world’s hard drives are manufactured) have closed down several Western Digital factories, along with other factories manufacturing vital HDD components for all the world’s hard drive manufactureres.

This has lead to an immediate global shortage of hard drives, resulting in huge price increases. Some product ranges have increased by almost 200%!

To see pictures of some of the factories affected please have a look here:

We do not expect the situation to improve until sometime in the first quarter of 2012 so it is looking like higher prices may be on the agenda for the rest of this year.

I can assure you that we are doing everything we can to source stock of hard drives at a reasonable price. Further updates will follow when we receive updates from the various manufacturers.



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