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64GB Sandisk microSDXC cards for mobile devices

We are delighted to introduce two brand new 64GB microSDXC cards from Sandisk.

These high-capacity cards are designed especially with mobile devices in mind – devices such as Android smartphones, tablets, and other devices compatible with microSDXC cards.

The products are:

64GB Sandisk microSDXC CL10 Mobile Ultra memory card for Android phones and tablets

64GB Sandisk microSDXC CL6 Mobile Ultra memory card with SD adapter

Click on the product names above to read more about these cards, to check pricing – and to hit the buy button 🙂

As always – any questions please get in touch with us!



One thought on “64GB Sandisk microSDXC cards for mobile devices

  1. Hi,

    Sandisk has released an 64GB SDXC UHS-1 Card.
    SanDisk® Ultra™ microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-I cards.
    Item# SDSDQUA-064G-A11A

    Please let me know the availability and i am ready to buy one.and also about the shipping policy to India.


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