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USB OTG – Upgrade your Android device without upgrading your Android Device!


With each passing day, more and more devices are now using USB for PC connectivity. As they grow in popularity, there is an increasing need for them to communicate both with USB peripherals and directly with each other when a PC is not available.
USB OTG (On The Go) is a very useful feature that comes built into most new devices that allows you to use your Android device as a host thereby letting you connect a USB drive directly to your smartphone.
USB OTG Drives are a very unique USB storage product with normal USB connector at one end, and micro USB at the other. They plug straight into Android smartphones and tablets, making back-ups and file transfer easier than ever before. (Android OTG support required.)

In one tiny package, the OTG Drives offer the ultimate in power and convenience. The secret is in its dual head. Equipped with both a micro and standard USB head, the OTG drive allows you to seamlessly transfer multimedia files between your smart phone, tablet PC, and traditional PC. With a standard USB head—compatible with USB ports found on traditional PCs—taking files, music, or pictures on the go is no problem. A second, micro USB head means that downloads to and from your smart phone or tablet PC—whether it be your favourite video of the week, or those pictures you’ve been meaning to take off your phone — has never been faster or easier.

A Brand New Storage Solution
OTG USB drives can be used across the hardware spectrum. From smart phones and tablets, to traditional PCs. The problem of limited storage capacity that plagues mobile devices is no longer an issue. And say goodbye to cumbersome USB cables!

Affordable Convenience
Smartphones today offer consumers a large range of storage capacities. Higher storage capacity, however, means higher cost. Yet with an OTG USB drive not only can you essentially double the storage space on your smartphone at a fraction of the cost of buying a high storage capacity smartphone, but if you later decide to switch phones, your OTG USB drive can be used over and over again, thus saving you a bundle in storage upgrades over its lifetime.

Current Phones that support OTG include
• Sony Xperia Z, ZL, Z Ultra, Z1
• Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note 1, Note 2, Note 3
• LG Optimus G, G2
• HTC X, One, One mini, One max
• Google Nexus 5
Available in USB 3.0 and USB 2sizes, from 8gb to 64gb and a range of manufacturers, we have something to suit all your requirements – check out our range of OTG USB Drives here and find one to suit your upgrade needs – http://www.memoryc.com/search.html?q=OTG&x=0&y=0


3 thoughts on “USB OTG – Upgrade your Android device without upgrading your Android Device!

  1. Hello Steven,
    many thanks for your request. An OTG Drive is meant to add extra storage to your tablet not RAM and thus it will not make your tablet faster.

  2. Hi do you think I use the OTG USB 3. to add RAM (have to my Android tablet and make it faster? (have kitkat 4.4 and 1GB Ram)

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