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Get in the World Cup mood and be ready to dish out some instant justice to anyone on or off the pitch this summer with our brand new World Cup Yellow/Red Card USB Flash Drives!

The must have product for the Summer!

These very cool Soccer World Cup Flash drives are available now with 16GB storage in 2x 8GB Yellow and Red card drives. Credit card sized flash drives, with a thickness of less than 2mm so they will fit easily into a wallet or your top pocket for quick access when needed!!

Team t141 World Cup Cards

Make sure you keep the upper hand when watching the soccer this summer by flashing the cards at everyone from a world cup bore in the bar to your partner doing the vacuuming when you are trying to watch the game in peace! Yellow for a warning – straight red for the more serious offences!

Team USB Cards

Not forgetting the more practical side, while enjoying this major event, your treasured memories and game stats can also be stored inside our Team T141 World Soccer USB Flash Drive for safe keeping.
USB2 with write speeds up to 480mbps – you won’t get caught offside waiting for your data to load!
Available now – with limited stock
Get yours for just €14.76!

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