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5 Amazing Car Flash Drives, Music with No Interruptions

car flash drives

Why use car flash drives?

Listening to music is always fun, but a little less exciting when it is interrupted by pesky commercials. For this reason, most modern-day drivers bypass the built-in car radio and opt for more user controlled listening options.

Some individuals listen to music by connecting a cellphone to the car speakers via Bluetooth or auxiliary port, while others use traditional CDs. However, phone playlists and CD’s each create unique problems for drivers.


  • Never stay charged
  • Often have unreliable Bluetooth connections
  • Are prone to constant interruptions due to incoming phone calls
  • Make it difficult to change songs while keeping your eyes on the road
  • Can be misunderstood by law enforcement as an act of texting-while-driving

CD’s are:

  • Bulky and take up a lot of space in a vehicle
  • Difficult to switch out while driving

These problems, however, do not apply to USB car flash drives. Car flash drives are a plug-and-go option that allows you to scroll through playlists right from the steering wheel or car dashboard. This prevents you from taking your hands off the steering wheel and ensures your ability to keep both eyes on the road.

In addition to being a wonderful safety tool, most USB car flash drives are ultra-compact and have the capacity to save hundreds of songs. Here are five amazing car flash drives.

5) Transcend JetFlash 710S

car flash drive 5

Transcend JetFlash 710S is very compact with a convenient lanyard slot for portability. It is dust, shock, and water resistant, which means you can leave it in the car without worrying about damaging your files. However, the flash drive has a lower than average read/write speed (90MB/second read and 24MB/second write). The slower speed means Transcend JetFlash 710s will take longer to download music. However, this inconvenience won’t make much of a difference if you do not download new music very often.

4) Integral Metal Fusion

car flash drive 4

Integral Metal Fusion is very small and offers read/write speeds comparable to others. Since Integral Metal Fusion is compatible with PC and Mac computers, it is great for users who may want to download music from multiple computers. However, some users may not like Integral Metal Fusion because it has an extra-small key ring slot.

3) Silicon Power Jewel J80

car flash drive 3Silicon Power Jewel J80 is an excellent flash drive because it is water, dust, and shock resistant. In addition to being durable, the flash drive comes in a stylish blue color and includes a lifetime warranty. This flash drive, however, made 3rd place because it is plastic and has a detachable USB flash drive lid. The detachable lid can easily get lost. However, Silicon Power Jewel J80 is still a wonderful option for anyone who would like a stylish flash drive for the car.

2) PQI U603V

car flash drivePQI U603V is a wonderful flash drive because it is the size of a penny and has two color options of red and silver. Car flash drives usually are water, shock, and dust proof for ultra-durability. Plus, it has a lifetime warranty, which makes it a great option for anyone searching for a car flash drive. However, this flash drive made second place because, like Silicon Power Jewel J80, it has a detachable lid that can easily be lost.

2) Patriot Tab

car flash drive 2

Patriot Tab is a wonderful flash drive because it is very compact and has a durable metal surface. While Patriot Tab only has a 2-year warranty, this is not a major problem because of its affordable price point.


2 thoughts on “5 Amazing Car Flash Drives, Music with No Interruptions

  1. I have the PQI USB drive and I love it. It is so tiny that you do not notice it – and the grey color matches my dash!

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