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How to Decide Which Power Bank to Buy

how to decide which power bank to buy

Purchasing a power bank is not about the brand you purchase. It is about finding a power bank with features best suited to your needs. Here are just a few things to consider when deciding which power bank to buy.

How Much Power Do You Need?

The first thing you need to consider, when purchasing a power bank, is how many devices you need to charge. For example, if you need to charge two devices, you need to find a power bank with two different ports for charging. Multi- port power banks make it possible to charge more than one device at a time but often take additional time for charging secondary port devices.

If all your electronics need to be charged at once, you’ll need to find a power bank with an equal voltage on each port. Or, if just one of your devices takes priority over others, you’ll benefit from having a power bank with a few standard ports and one for turbocharging. Many say purchasing a power bank with high capacity is better, but…

…is it really “better” to buy a power bank with the highest capacity? So which Power Bank to Buy…

The short answer to this question is, No. It is not better to purchase a power bank with the highest capacity for two major reasons.

1) More storage space equals more costs. You’ll pay a higher price for a large capacity power bank than you will for a smaller one.
2) Higher capacity translates to longer charging times. You’ll spend more time charging your power bank if you decide to purchase more mAh.

This leads to the second question you will need to ask yourself when purchasing a power bank.

How much storage capacity do you need?

The mAh you need will decide how much money you spend. Once you ask this simple question, the next thing you’ll need to consider is:

What is the USB type of the handheld device or devices you want to charge?

Most power banks come with USB Type A or USB Type-C ports. These are the two most common ports used by handheld device manufacturers. Once you’ve determined what your needs are, there is just one more question you need to ask before making your purchase.

How will you travel with your power bank?

If you are going to carry the power bank in your pocket, you’ll want something ultra-thin and easily concealed. Whereas, if you are looking to carry the power bank as a carry-on, you might want to consider the size as well as storage for the USB cable.

Some power banks have a storage compartment for storing USB cables. This is an ideal feature for anyone looking to travel with a portable power bank. Plus, if you are traveling with your power bank to the office, you might want to purchase one with a stylish exterior.

There are many different choices for exteriors on a power bank and wide variety of choices available when it comes to all the other standard features found on a power bank. The buying choices available make deciding which power bank to buy an overwhelming task. However, things can be made much easier by considering:

• How much power you would need
• How much power storage capacity you need
• The USB type of your handheld devices
• The way you’ll be traveling with your power bank

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll know which power bank to buy.

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  1. Very informative. I love to travel and I’ve always liked the idea of carrying something like a power bank around.

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