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Chromebook vs Laptop | 4 Reasons Why You Should Switch

People often confuse the Chromebooks  with ordinary laptops, and in many ways, the Chromebook is just a normal laptop. However, there are some features that distinguish one from the typical Chromebook laptop.


The following is a summary of the distinctive features that a Chromebook has.

Reason #1: The Distinctive features of Chromebooks

This is a Linux based operating system, which revolves almost exclusively around the web in the Google Chrome browser. You might initially think that this drastically limits the potential capabilities of a sophisticated modern notebook. However, the innumerable amount of your daily tasks that the Chrome web browser can take over will for sure surprise you. ChromeOS was created and developed to show people how many day-to-day tasks they are capable of being done online today. The Google development team is constantly adding new features and support for the web browser since its first release, allowing them to create an operating system like ChromeOS. Due to its advanced HTML5 compatibility, streaming video runs smoothly, and documents and spreadsheets can be easily read and taken care of from your free Google Docs platform.

It is easy, in almost every way. The operating system does not take up much disk space and also does not require a lot of processing power to function properly. Therefore Chromebooks are usually equipped with ARM light or Intel Celeron and still have similar browsing experience to a high-end Windows notebook or Macbook. Because of this, Chromebooks are often equipped with small screens to make the notebook lighter and portable. So, in short, everything from the operating system to the design of the Chromebook is easy.

Reason #2: Encourages the usage of online Google products

Google has a wide range of different famous online products that are free to use ( Google Maps, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, etc.). Google Chrome is particularly optimized to work smoothly with these specific Google services. Like the Android smartphones, you should synchronize your laptop with your Google account, as this will improve your overall browsing experience, but that’s not necessary; ChromeOS also allows you to log in as a guest and navigate normally. A Chromebook typically comes with only a small amount of local file storage (usually 16-32 GB), this is because Google wants to encourage you to store your files online using their storage cloud. Chromebooks usually come with 100GB of free cloud storage for two years. A great advantage, and the reason for promoting cloud storage is that you can access your files from anywhere at any time.

How much is a Chromebook

Reason #3: Does not start as the usual Windows laptop

With Windows based Laptops, You start…and you wait… what? With a Chromebook, You click the Chrome icon, Google Chrome loads instantly…

Chromebook usually starts in a few seconds. Why? Because most Chromebook uses an SSD (Solid State Drive). Thus it has a much higher speed of reading (and writing) than regular hard drives on most Windows laptops. If you’re used to regular boot-times windows you will be surprised the first hour of getting your hands on a Chromebook. If you have a Macbook, however, you will be used to these boot-times and you won’t consider this as something special.

Reason #4: Why buy a Chromebook instead of a laptop?

Because the advantages outweigh the drawbacks. The Chromebook is cheap, easy to carry, very fast, and very convenient to take notes (due to its physical keyboard). Moreover, while Internet access and WiFi are available almost everywhere you go nowadays, The Chromebook will still operate as well as a standard laptop in the event that access is limited or unavailable

A Chromebook is also:

  • Quick (almost no time for booting and high speed browsing)
  • Portable and Light – most Chromebooks weigh no more than 4 pounds (some even close to 2 kg)
  • Good synchronization with Google products. Google services and applications work effortlessly and are ready for setup.
  • Excellent battery life. Chromebooks are usually able to last up to 8-9 hours without recharging (some may last more than 10 hours).
  • Automatic Updates. Install quickly and not deteriorate the performance of the laptop.
  • Most Chromebooks have good keyboard and trackpad.
  • Linux-based; Linux fans are able to install a Linux version on the Chromebook with an easy dual-boot system.

So, if you are looking for a budget notebook that is able to beat all other laptops in a similar price range in terms of browsing speed and ease of use then this is definitely a product that meets your needs.

How much is a Chromebook

Do you own a Chromebook or plan to buy one? Let us know in the comments below.


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