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Discover Whether You Should Buy an HDD or SSD

Many consumers wonder if they should buy an HDD or SSD. There are no generic answers to the question. However, there are many factors one must consider before making such an important decision.

The Rundown on Hard Disks Drives (HDD)


HDD’s (hard disk drives) are designed like an old record player because a needle rolls around to reach and extract data from the disk. The ancient needle-to-disks technology is not only slow, but less reliable because of the moving parts. Hence, when considering the primary function of an HDD, one might wonder why anyone would want one.

HDD seem less than appealing until one considers price and storage capacity. HDD is very affordable. Therefore, users are able to get high storage capacities at bargain prices. The low price per GB means users can store massive amounts of data without having to delete or rewrite the disk. Fewer deletions always mean longevity, as the disk won’t get worn down as fast by constant rewriting.

When considering the benefits, it becomes easy to identify scenarios where an HDD might be the best option. Purchasing an HDD is the best option when:

  • Cost is a factor
  • Large amounts of data must be stored
  • Speed isn’t a major issue

You’ll find HDD helpful if you are in an industry where you are tasked with saving large amounts of data. With all this talk about HDD, one must be wondering…

When Solid State Drives (SSD) Make Sense

As with HDD, SSD’s (solid state drives) have their own pro’s and con’s.  The major drawback to SSD is cost as it cost far more per GB than its HDD competitor. This creates potential for more rewriting and less longevity. However, this is not a problem if you are simply using the SDD as a boot disk or to save very few files.

The advantage to SSD comes because there are no moving parts in it. This means your data is retrieved in an instant without having to wait for a needle to make the full circle. The needle-less design translates into faster data saving and retrieval. Likewise, the lack of moving parts means the SSD will last much longer than an HDD. SSD’s are so reliable they might even be readable centuries from now. So, purchasing an SSD is the best option when:

  • You need to retrieve information fast
  • Hard drive longevity matters

SSD’s are most helpful to those who will be using them to load software in applications where quick rendering is of major importance. For instance, an SSD is a must have for every video game fanatic because it helps with game load times and prevents hitching (video game pauses, which occur when a hard drive cannot keep up with the player).

You’ve learned the pros and cons of purchasing an HDD or SSD. But, what if you need…

Lots of Storage Space and Quick Read/Write Speeds Too?

If this is the case, the best thing to do is buy both. You can get an SSD to use as a primary drive for loading programs. Then, you could purchase a cheap HDD for saving massive amounts of data. MemoryC.com has many SSD and HDD options available. There are even a few external HDD’s available for saving your favorite video games. For example, 2TB ADATA HD650X is an external hard drive for Xbox One. It is a great option for saving video games without using up all the space on your primary hard drive.

If you’re trying to make a decision between an HDD or SSD, always choose one that meets your personal needs. And, when all else fails, buy both.

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