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NGS Powercave Tablet Case: A Hidden Gem

NGS Powercave tablet caseIf you are looking for tablet case, you”ll know there are many different ones on the market. Some of them are cheap, while others can be quite expensive. However, price does not always equal great functionality. For instance, when the Samsung 9” Tab A released, some complained about the Samsung book cover because its upright position often caused tablets to tip over.

There is no perfect tablet cover and everyone will have a different favorite. However, there are some 9” to 10” tablet cases with great functionality.

One of those tablet cases is NGS Powercave.  While the 9” to 10” tablet case comes in basic black and grey, it is most notable for its reasonable price point and amazing features. NGS Powercave tablet case is affordable and is comparable to many popular mainstream brands.   Like Samsung tablet case, NGS Powercave can lay flat or fold into an upright position.  This feature is excellent for everyday tasks such as movie watching, reading, or square register usage.

NGS Powercave has four elastic bands that work to ensure your tablet stays secured. Elastic bands make it easy to retrieve your tablet for cleaning and are a feature comparable to many other brands. While flexibility and versatility make NGS Powercave a great addition to any tablet, one bonus feature makes it stand out from more popular tablet case brands.

Bonus Features

NGS Powercave comes with a battery charger for powering tablets or other handheld devices. The battery charger has 6600mAh, which is more than what is available on other battery charger/tablet case combos like the M-Edge Stealth Power.  The battery charger means users never worry about carrying adapters or other handheld charging devices. Overall, the dual functionality of NGS Powercave makes the tablet case a hidden gem and a great value for your dollar.

To get your NGS Powercave, visit MemoryC.com.



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