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FREE – Black Friday Competition Now On!

What can you Win you ask?

Black Friday Competition Now on

There’s an amazing Star Wars Stormtrooper Gift Box to win this Black Friday, no purchase required – Check it out here: https://goo.gl/xsSvEr.

This Black Friday Competition brings you the perfect gift for true Star Wars Fans. This Stormtrooper Edition Gift set offers original products that are perfect to be combined with one another!

Box includes: Micro USB cable, earphones, headphones, car charger and a 16GB USB flash drive

Stormtrooper gift box

How to enter MemoryC’s Black Friday Competition?

We’re giving you up to 8 chances to Win this Stormtrooper Edition Gift Box. You can enter this Black Friday Competition using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & your email. Each method brings you 1 or more chances to win for a total of 8 chances.

Here’s a breakdown: Facebook = 1 chance, Twitter = 1 chance, Instagram = 1 chance, Youtube = 1 chance & Email = 4 chances

sign up today for a chance to win

Here are the steps to follow to register and get 8 chances to win:
  1. Register by login with one of the following methods/accounts: Amazon, Email, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Twitter, Youtube
    black friday competition register
  2. Click on any or all of the below options:
  • +1 chance to win with Twitter by clicking the Twitter link/logo and then the “Follow” button
    Register with Twitter
  • +1 chance to win with Facebook by clicking the Facebook link/logo and then the “Visit MemoryC.com on Facebook” button
    Register with Facebook
  • +1 chance to win with Instagram by clicking the Instagram link/logo and then the “Visit MemoryC.com on Instagram” button
    Register with Instagram
  • +1 chance to win with Youtube by clicking the Youtube link/logo and then the “Subscribe Here” button
    Register with Youtube
  • +4 chance to win with your email by clicking the Sign up for our Newsletter link and then enter your name and email address.
    Register with your Email

That’s it really, nothing complicated and no purchase required. So why wait? If you haven’t registered yet, visit this link: https://goo.gl/xsSvEr

sign up today for a chance to win


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