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Upgrade Your Camera’s Performance with the New CFexpress Memory Cards

What is CFexpress?

It is the newest memory card format that will transform your camera into a lightning speed device of the future. The CFexpress memory cards include 8K video capture, ultra-rapid burst modes, and in-camera uncompressed video recordings.

With using the PCIe 3.0 interface CFexpress are significantly faster than most SD cards that you may find. This means photos and videos with true professional quality.

Just like other memory cards on the market the CFexpress has loads of room to grow and improve. Multiple formats and capabilities allow you to use the CFexpress in several types of equipment.

Features of CFexpress

The CFexpress memory card features 1-4 lanes of 1GB/s transfer. There are 3 different variants, type A, B, and C. Type A performs at 1000MB/s (1GB) while type B rises to 2000MB/s (2GB). Type C isn’t used as much in the mainstream market but if you find one it will perform at 4000MB/s (4GB).

Similar to the transfer rates, the sizes of CFexpress cards vary greatly. Type A are smaller and thicker than the standard SD card at 28mm x 20mm x 2.8mm. Type B cards have the same shape as XQD memory cards at 38.5mm x 29.8mm x 3.8mm. Type C cards are the largest of the collection at 54mm x 74mm x 4.8mm.

Type B cards features the same form factor and connectors as the XQD card. Because of this cameras like Panasonic S and Nikon Z can run the CFexpress Type B cards with a breeze.

MemoryC‘s selection

Various brands have adapted CFexpress in their own memory card lines like, ProGrade Digital, SanDisk, and Cobalt. At MemoryC you will only find the best of the best. MemoryC carries SanDisk and Transcend’s full lines of CFexpress memory cards.

Snag your’s here!


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