Coming Soon! G.Skill’s NEW DDR4 Memory Kits for Intel Z590 Processors

New G.Skill memory kits are on the way (Quarter 2 2021)! Coming soon to MemoryC are the innovative DDR4 memory kits made specifically to run for Intel Z590 platforms. These innovative memory kits will give your system extreme memory overclocking … Continue Reading >

Computer Cooling 101: What Your Computer Needs to Stay Cool

computer cooling

Most tech lovers have air conditioners for regulating their own body temperatures but think nothing about computer cooling. Unregulated temperatures cause computers to fry. However, some basic computer knowledge and a few inexpensive items will ensure your computer stays running … Continue Reading >

Picking a Gaming Mouse, What you Need to Know.

picking a gaming mouse

What is a gaming peripheral?

Gaming peripherals are products such as gaming mice, keyboards and headsets that are specifically designed for professional and hardcore gamers. There are many cool looking peripherals on the market with lights and colours, but not … Continue Reading >