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DDR2 RAM memory is currently the most common type of computer memory upgrade for new systems including desktop computers, laptop computers and Apple Mac machines. We stock DDR2 RAM memory modules from leading companies including A-Data, OCZ, G.Skill, GeIL, Team, Transcend, Aeneon, Advance and many more. The DDR2 RAM upgrade kits range in capacity from 512Mb to 8GB and in speed from 533MHz to 1200MHz. The majority of our computer memory modules are available both as single RAM chips, dual channel RAM kits, and quad channel kits. DDR2 RAM upgrades operate at low voltages, typically starting from 1.8V which means they consume less power and generate less heat in comparison to other computer memory modules. CAS latency for DDR2 for desktops and laptops ranges from CL3 to CL6 with the CL4 latency being the most popular for high performance gaming systems and overclocking.