8GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-10666 CL9 SQ Series Dual channel laptop memory kit (2x4GB)

by G.Skill
8GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-10666 CL9 SQ Series Dual channel laptop memory kit (2x4GB) Image

Key Features

  • 8GB DDR3 laptop memory kit
  • 1333MHz, PC3-10666
  • 204 pin kit, 2x4GB modules
  • CL9, 1.5V
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8GB DDR3 204-pin laptop memory kit for laptop computers based on the DDR3 memory technology. G.Skill is known for being first-to-market with new memory technologies and this DDR3 SO-DIMM laptop memory upgrade is no different. this memory is rated to run at 1333MHz, which we expect to become the mainstream speed for DDR3 laptop memory soon.

This kit consists of 2x4GB modules. Rated to run at 1333MHz at timings of 9-9-9-24 (CL9) at 1.5V. Suitable for newer laptops based on DDR3 memory. Backed by G.Skills lifetime warranty.


Timings: 9-9-9-24
Speed: DDR3-1333 (PC3-10666)
Voltage: 1.5 Volts
PCB: 6 Layers
Error checking: Non-ECC
Type: 204-pin SO-DIMM

MEMORY SPEED 1333MHz (DDR3-1333)
CAS LATENCY CL9 (9-9-9-24)
SINGLE MODULE OR DUAL KIT Dual channel kit (2x4GB)
FORM FACTOR 204-pin DDR3 SO-DIMM memory modules
CONFIGURATION Double-sided 4GB DDR3 laptop memory modules, 2 modules per kit
PACKAGING Retail packaging
WARRANTY Lifetime warranty
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Ed Griffith
Mac Ram
November 27th 2013 Verified user
Bought this ram to upgrade a 2011 Mac Book Pro. It works well, and have seen a definite improvement using both FCPX and Motion5 , and some general speed increases.

With Motion 5 , the number of layers you can work with improves a lot, but playback, still relies on the graphics card, so is not greatly improved.

FCPX, was working on something with a lot of keyframing, and the increased ram, means that it is now usable, and not 'paging - out' after about 20 mins use.

so far so good...
Christian Headley
Great memory kit
November 2nd 2012 Verified user
I was really pleased with this memory. Cheap and seems to be holding up well after a few months use in my Acer Aspire laptop. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone.
Dominique Berile
Real fast and Apple friendly
May 8th 2012 Verified user
Originally I bought a cheaper kit for my MacBookPro 2009, it kept crashing whenever I played a video fullscreen for more than 5 minutes (Skype, Flash...). The graphic card (GeForce 9400m) using the RAM when displaying those videos thru hardware acceleration.
The RAM kit needed to be "compatible" with the graphic card. GSkill references some of their products on their website, funnily enough the reference is slightly different FA instead of FA. They also allude ot outdated products...
Bottom line: This kit works really well, using it with a MacBookPro 2009 will work (probably not at the frequency announced due to motherboard limitations...).
Putting more than 8Gb is pointless since the motherboard won't support it, unless you have an Intel ix motherboard...
Excellent memory kit
February 20th 2012 Verified user
Excellent memory kit at a very good price.
It works perfectly with my MacBook Pro 5.1 (late 2008)
Fast delivery, 5 working days for Greece.
Lucas Da Silva
Great for MacBook Pro 2011
February 18th 2012 Verified user
Great performance for a affordable price. Works very well in MacBook Pro 2011!!!
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