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MemoryC stock 128mb Samsung SMC Smartmedia flash memory cards for digital cameras, mp3 players, PDA’s and mobile phones. Being extra lightweight, the smartmedia cards are extremely easy to use with a variety of portable devices. With a range of capacities from 16mb and 32mb to 128mb, smc smartmedia cards are the perfect solution to upgrade the memory for your portable digital device.

With the smartmedia cards being simple to install, you can upgrade your portable device in a matter of seconds. After upgrading the memory card in your digital camera, mp3 player or mobile phone, you can then use the smartmedia reader to transmit the data stored on the smc card to your pc or laptop and vice versa.

The smartmedia cards operate at 3.3volts, which are compatible with newer smartmedia portable devices, and 5volts for older smc smartmedia card compatible hardware.

One of the features of the smartmedia card is the ability to use them with any 3.5” floppy drive by using it with a FlashPath adapter.