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Our range of Fitness GPS products is suitable for a range of fitness activities including running, walking, cycling and swimming. Some of the most popular fitness products in this range are the Garmin Forerunner and Garmin Edge ranges, offering lots of functionality to enhance and monitor your performance.
Using a GPS fitness watch while exercising helps you train better and is also a great way to push yourself a little further every time you exercise.
Each GPS fitness watch has a range of functionality (please refer to each product for a detailed list) - some of the main features typically include speed, calories, distance, lap speed, elevation, route and much more. Some models also have heart rate monitors and speed/cadence sensors in the package, helping you to fine tune your performance even better.
And when your work-out is over, most models will allow you to download your training performance to a computer where you can analyse it further or even share it with friends and family.