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512MB Infineon PC800 ECC Rambus RIMM Samsung 184 pins
512MB Infineon PC800 ECC Rambus RIMM Samsung 184 pins
  • Item Number: 10930
  • Part Number: HYR1825640G-840

  • 512MB
  • PC800
  • 800MHz (400MHz FSB)
$ 103.80

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Infineon’s main product lines are in the following domains: Communications, Security, Energy efficiency, and Memory products. Their products are mainly known for their top quality, excellence, and reliability. The company has over 41.000 employees worldwide.

In 2006 the company had revenue of EUR 4 billion, and in the first quarter of 2006 it managed to occupy a place in the Worldwide Top 4 Semiconductor Sales Leaders. On 2006 Infineon's Memory Products division was turned into a distinct company called Qimonda.

AENEON, Infineon’s DRAM memory family was introduced in 2005. These memory modules are designed for both PCs and notebooks, and target the PC and notebook manufacturers world wide.