2GB Olympus xD Picture Card (Type M+ High Speed)
2GB Olympus xD Picture Card (Type M+ High Speed)
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  • Item Number: 10598
  • Part Number: M-XD2GMP

  • 2GB xD Card
  • Type M+
  • Suitable for most Olympus and Fuji devices with xD support
  • High-Speed memory card
  • Ships in hard protective case, protecting the memory card at all times
$ 23.89

Olympus was created in 1919 and during that time it was exclusively specialized in creating microscopes and thermometers. The history of creating lenses came in handy in 1936, when Olympus produced the Zuiko lenses, lenses which were used at their first cameras: Semi-Olympus and the Olympus-Six.

Since that time Olympus has produced more than 50 types of cameras, each of them having being characterized by outstanding design and top quality. Olympus puts the customers on the first place and it provides an intense customer orientation. The market requirements and the customer’s whishes are quickly realized.

Olympus is very creative and original when it comes to creating new products and providing solutions. It knows that the industry is on a constant evolution, and it is able to adjust to each modification.