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About Kingston

Kingston was created in 1987 and during that time, it had a single product offering. The company managed to evolve impressively: currently it offers more than 2,000 products and in 2006 its sales exceeded $3.7 billion, the sum being the highest revenue made in its 20 year history.

More than 3,300 people worldwide work for Kingston and in 2003 Fortune Magazine named it one of the “Best Companies to Work for in America”. Kingston respects its employees and customers, and it knows that without them the company wouldn’t have this amount of success.

The company received many prestigious distinctions: AMD named it "Outstanding Partner", it received from Intel the “Outstanding Supplier Award for Exceptional Support, Quality and Timely Delivery of FB-DIMM Products”, from Inc. Magazine the Inaugural Distinguished Alumni Goldhirsh Award. The list goes on and on; the fact is that in the last 4 years Kingston managed to increase its revenue and its product rage considerably and it’s doubtful that it will stop to do so in the following years.