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Graphics card, video card, or simply GPU - these terms all refer to the card inside a computer that takes care of the video output of the computer system. Many of these graphics cards pack in a lot of processing power, which has resulted in many of these models being used for crypto mining as well. These GPUs for sale feature a graphics chipset from major brands like AMD and Nvidia, and some less popular brands like ATI. One important features to look out for when looking to buy video cards or graphic cards online is the physical size of the card. Some cards are designed for compact systems, while others take a lot of space inside a computer case, and will require plenty of available space. Additionally, many graphics cards generate a lot of heat and will require active cooling. For this reason, most high-performance cards features one, two or even three cooling fans. Before you buy video cards or graphic cards online, we also recommend checking the power requirements, as some GPU cards for sale may need more power than the existing power supply can supply.