128GB KingSpec 1.8" ZIF 40-pin SSD Solid State Disk (MLC)

by KingSpec
128GB KingSpec 1.8

Key Features

  • 128GB ZIF 1.8" SSD Solid State Disk
  • Read speed up to 71MB/sec
  • Write speed up to 76MB/sec
  • 2 years warranty
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128GB KingSpec 1.8" SSD Solid State Disk, ZIF 40-pin interface. Based on MLC flash chips, transfer rates up to 71MB/sec (read) and 76MB/sec (write). Suitable for many netbooks with ZIF interface. 2 years warranty. Internal PATA interface.

Retail package includes ZIF cable.

Further specifications:

Form factor: 1.8"
Capacity(GB): 128GB
Interface: ZIF40Pin

Average Access time: 0.2ms
Sustained Read: 71MB/S
Sustained Write: 76MB/S
Random IOPS: 5.585

NAND Flash: MLC-NAND Flash

Input Voltage: 3.3V or 5V+/_5%
Idle: 0.5W
Active: 1.5W

Write endurance: 80years @ 10GBytes write and erase per day at 128GB
Read endurance: Unlimited
Wear-Leveling Algorithm: Dynamic and static wear-leveling
Data Retention: 10 years at 25℃
MTBF: 1,000,000hours
ECC: Supports BCH ECC 8bits or 15bits in 512 bytes
Bad Block Management: Auto Bad Block Management in system

Operating Temperature: 0~70℃
Non-operating Temperature: -40~85℃
Shock: 2,000G(@0.3ms half sine wave)
Vibration: 20G(40-2000HZ)
Humidity: 5-95%

Height(mm): 5.0+/_0.25
Width(mm): 54.1+/_0.25
Length(mm): 71.1+/_0.25
Weight(g): 40

DEVICE TYPE SSD Solid State Disk
DATA TRANSFER RATES Read speed up to 71MB/sec
Write speed up to 76MB/sec
DIMENSIONS 54.1mm x 71.1mm x 5.0mm
OPERATING TEMPERATURE Operating Temperature 0~70℃
Non-operating Temperature -40~85℃

MTBF 1,000,000 hours
SHOCK RESISTANCE 2,000G (@0.3ms half sine wave)
SPECIAL FEATURES Supports BCH ECC 8bits or 15bits in 512 bytes
Includes ZIF cable
PACKAGING Retail packaging
WARRANTY 2 years warranty
User Reviews

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William Fields
Great product, no documentation....
April 26th 2010 Verified user
Had to search on-line on how to attach the ZIF ribbon cable to both the drive and the controller. KingSpec does not even have an on-line install guide or user manual. I've never worked with a ZIF interface before, so I was not comfortable at first.

But, once I figured out how to install and got it working, the drive is 300% faster than the drive it replaced and it's working as advertised.
128GB SSD, Ideal for UMD upgrades.
February 28th 2010 Verified user
The SSD included a flex cable, 5.6mm total length. Used as an upgrade replacement for an Archos 9 (voids warranty) with a 60GB drive. Good performance considering I'm using a Z series Atom processor. I Couldn't go back to using the standard mechanical drive after installing this baby.
Avigdor Luttinger
Great service
August 26th 2009 Verified user
I used the online chat before ordering to get more tech info - it was efficient and swift. I got the product within a few days. I saw that the static pack was open and interacted via email about that - got the assurance that the warranty was valid - installed the disk and its works very well. Bottom line - good price, excellent communication, good product. Highly recommended.
Gary Hullquist
Reliable and fast 1.8" SSD solution
August 25th 2009 Verified user
After reading favorable reports by others, I was delighted with (not only the speed of the device itself) but the prompt delivery from MemoryC clear across the pond! I was moving up from an Mtron 32GB SSD which performed very well in my Sony TXN15P and initially procured a RunCore 128GB. After a 6 months delay in delivery, it appears I received a faulty device. It would frequently (several times a day) stall and freeze with the drive light continuously on, sometimes recovering after 5-15 minutes, occasionally dying with a BSOD. The device has been returned.
The KingSpec has proven 100% reliable since installation. I'm running Windows 7 on a Lenovo U110 ultraportable with the defrag, prefetch, superprefetch tweaks applied as recommended in the OCZ forum for SSD's. Even without these all apps installed without a hitch, no stuttering or slowing. The difference between the 4200 RPM original Toshiba harddrive is phenomenal. What a joy!
George Sullivan
Works great in Fujitsu U820 and Windows 7
August 16th 2009 Verified user
I am quite pleased with my purchase. Quick and easy.

No issues doing an install and run of Windows 7 RTM.

Roughly 2.5 times the raw performance of the 120G drive that came in the U820.

Highly recommended!
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