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We offer a range of USB memory sticks and flash drives at various storage capacities, as well as USB peripherals from leading manufacturers including NEON, OCZ, Kingston, Patriot, GeIL, Transcend, and Sandisk. The USB memory sticks and Peripherals including the 4-port USB Hubs we carry are of top quality and are all pre-tested by MemoryC, thus most of these USB products come with lifetime warranty.
The USB memory sticks and flash drives can be used to store and transfer data to various devices such as PCs and laptops and also used for backing up important documents. The size of most of the memory sticks in stock means that you can carry data in your pocket or on your key ring with ease.
Depending on the amount of portable storage space needed, the owner can purchase USB memory sticks in various capacities to suit your needs. The USB flash drives we stock can hold anywhere between 512MB up to 64GB. This large storage capacity allows the owner to store very large amounts of computer data such as music, documents, and others. Our USB flash drives are compatible with all major operating systems including Windows Vista, Mac OS X and Linux to ensure that you can use your data on the machine of your choice.