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Spectec microSDIO Video Out Card w/SD adapter and remote control by Spectec

Spectec microSDIO Video Out Card w/SD adapter and remote control Image
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Key Features

  • Video-Out Card
  • For PDAs/Smartphones with SD/microSD slot
  • Includes remote control
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- Micro SD Adapting Port
- Preview slides from PDA/Smartphone,
- Output support at a maximum reslolution of 1024X768
- Continuously loop through slide show store multiple presentations
- VGA, S-Video, AV Ports for Monitor, Projector, TV and VCR
- Remote Control Enabled


- SDIO Now! 1bit/4 bit & SPI modes of operations via MicroSD card interface cable
- Full-color (YUV 4:2:2) 1024 x 768
Remote Control:
- 10-button Infrared with dual IR receivers
Composite Video Output:
- NTSC/PAL 1Vp-p video signal
S-Video Output:
- NTSC/PAL 1Vp-p component video signals
SXGA Monitor Output Port:
< SXGA 1024 x 768 RGB at 60Hz interface for connection to standard monitor or projector
< Single +5 volt regulated power source
Source Presentation Format:
- Slides can be created from any printable Windows™ XP/2000 application
- Pocket PC handhelds & Smartphone with SD slot supporting SDIO protocol
Desktop Specifications
< Desktop or Laptop with 128 MB of RAM and at least a 20 MB Hard Drive
< Windows® 2000 or XP operating system
< PDA/Smartphone cradle/PC interface with ActiveSync software loaded
Display & Presentation Devices:
< Display Device with HD-1 (SXGA) connector and support for 1024 x 768 resolutions at 60Hz (This includes most CRT monitors and projectors)
< Any NSTC or PAL composite or S-Video video monitor
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$ 34.98