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320GB Seagate Pipeline HD.2 SATA 3.5-inch hard drive (5900rpm, 8MB cache)

by Seagate
320GB Seagate Pipeline HD.2 SATA 3.5-inch hard drive (5900rpm, 8MB cache) Image

Key Features

  • 320GB Seagate Pipeline HD.2 SATA hard drive
  • Desktop 3.5-inch form factor
  • 5900rpm - 8MB cache - SATA 3Gb/s
  • Recertified by Seagate, backed by a 1-year warranty
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Media technology demands both reliability and energy efficiency. Pipeline HD® hard drives deliver with the industry’s lowest overall power consumption profile, coolest operating temperatures, and a best–in–industry AFR.

Low-power profiles help DVR manufacturers achieve reduced overall power requirements and support Energy Star compliance.

Delivers 24/7 reliability
With an AFR of 0.55%, Pipeline HD® hard drives feature industry–leading reliability for devices like DVRs and home theater systems.

And the Pipeline HD drive can take the heat in the most demanding 24×7 devices. This hard drive improves system reliability with a capability of operating at temperatures of up to 75º C.

Key to the Pipeline HD drive’s remarkable reliability is the reduced heat output enabled by its low-power consumption. Pipeline HD hard drives feature:

- The industry’s lowest overall power consumption profile
- 40% less heat production than comparable drives during the same duty cycle

Performance and low-power consumption
Pipeline HD hard drives meet a rising demand for energy-conserving consumer electronics without compromising performance.

And Seagate is committed to environmental stewardship that goes beyond reduced power consumption. In fact, Pipeline HD drives support a comprehensive sustainability value proposition.

Perfect when you need to:

- Build digital video recorders, home theater PCs, karaoke and audio jukeboxes
- Increase the storage capacity of DVR and media center applications
- Enhance performance and storage in cable, satellite and IPTV set–top boxes

This 320GB drive has been recertified by Seagate and is backed by a 1-year warranty.

FORM FACTOR 3.5-inch desktop hard drive
RPM 5900rpm
DEVICE TYPE Internal hard disk drive
DATA TRANSFER RATES SATA 3Gb/s interface speed
DIMENSIONS 101.85mm x 146.99mm x 20.20mm (WxLxH)
WARRANTY 1 years manufacturers warranty
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