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64GB Renice X5 Series 1.8-inch PATA ZIF Solid State Disk for PC and Macbook Air Rev.A

by Renice Technology
64GB Renice X5 Series 1.8-inch PATA ZIF Solid State Disk for PC and Macbook Air Rev.A Image

Key Features

  • 64GB Renice X5 Series 40-pin ZIF (PATA) SSD
  • Native PATA controller, built using premium MLC NAND Flash
  • Better performance than previous editions
  • Read speed up to 117MB/sec - Write speed up to 110MB/sec
  • Suitable for Windows and Mac systems, including Macbook Air Rev.A.
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  • 64GB
  • 128GB
  • 256GB
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64GB Renice X5 Series 1.8-inch Solid State Drive with 40-pin ZIF (PATA) interface. Supports read speeds up to 117MB/sec and 110MB/sec write speed. Suitable for both Windows and Max OS systems, including Macbook Air Rev. A.

Features DMA support up to UDMA 7 and Error Correction Code (ECC). Built using high-performance MLC NAND Flash chips, this Renice X5 ZIF SSD delivers extraordinary performance in data read/write speed and keeps data more reliable for industrial PATA interface applications.

Summary of features:
● Performance: Read: 117MB/s Write: 110MB/s
● Form factor: 1.8-inch (71.0mm x 54.0mm x 5.2mm) L×W×H
● Interface standard: 40Pin PATA ZIF
● Input voltage: 3.3V (±5%)
● Commercial operating temperature range from 0℃ to +70℃ Industrial operating temperature range from -40℃ to +85℃
● Flash management algorithm: static and dynamic wear-leveling, bad block management algorithm.
● Supports dynamic power management and SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology).
● SSD controller core internal detectors for power fail protection.
● Hardware BCH ECC capable of correcting errors up to 72-bit/1KB
● Write endurance: >8 years @ 100GB write/day ( 32GB SLC SSD)
● Read endurance: unlimited
● Data retention: JESD47 compliant
● MTBF: 3,000,000 Hours

FORM FACTOR 1.8-inch form factor
DEVICE TYPE SSD Solid State Disk
DATA TRANSFER RATES Read speed up to 117MB/sec
Write speed up to 110MB/sec
MTBF 3,000,000 hours
SPECIAL FEATURES High and Reliable ECC capability up to 72bits/sector
S.M.A.R.T features optimized for SSD
Bit error monitoring and managent
Dynamic and static wear-leveling
Dynamic bad block management
SMART commands and additional SSD monitoring
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS ZIF interface, 40-pin type, native PATA support
Suitable for Windows, Mac OS, Linux
PACKAGING Retail packaging
DIMENSIONS 71 x 54 x 5.2mm
WARRANTY 2 years manufacturers warranty
User Reviews

  • 1 review
Johannes Peeters
Quiet, Quick and Quality
September 11th 2015 Verified user
I received this within 3 working days, and installed it in my old Compaq Mini 701ES as replacement for a 32 Mb HDD.
Unpacking the product looks and feels like quality, and also comes with a housing and USB cable, so it can also be used as external drive - perfect !
After connecting it was directly available, and I put Ubuntu 15.04 on it.
Though the computer itself is not really quick (hé 7 years old, 1 Mb RAM), the access time to disk is quick, and programs, updates, etc. are quickly written to and read from the drive.
Furthermore, of course because nothing moves, it is quiet, and I will not have to worry anymore about sometimes banging to much on the keyboard, where, with a normal HDD, you have the possibility the reading arm can damage the layer.
!! This is a keeper, and will surely be my choice (though more Gb then) when the HDD on my main laptop will go to the big electronic heaven.
Review of 64GB Renice X5 Series 1.8-inch PATA ZIF Solid State Disk for PC and Macbook Air Rev.A

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$ 108.56