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64GB PQI Connect 301 OTG USB Flash Drive - USB3.0 Red Edition by PQI

64GB PQI Connect 301 OTG USB Flash Drive - USB3.0 Red Edition Image

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Key Features

  • 64GB OTG (On-The-Go) USB Drive for Android phones and tablets
  • Easily add more storage via the micro USB connection
  • USB3.0 transfer speed when connected to a computer
  • Unique slim red denim style design
  • Simply plug into the micro USB port on your Android device to transfer files and pictures
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64GB PQI Connect 301 OTG (On-The-Go) USB Drive. Stylish red slim design, this OTB USB drive plugs straight into your compatible Android tablet or phone to give you additional storage. With USB3.0 connection to any computer, making file transfer faster and easier than ever before.

The Best Storage Companion for OTG smartphones and tablets
The user only needs to plug the micro USB connector into a smart phone or tablet to transfer data or read and save existing music, video, and entertainment files. The USB connector on the other end can be plugged in to a notebook, desktop computer, or any other device with a USB port, just like a USB thumb drive. Files are automatically organized according to category in this compact, dual-use device, and it makes it easy for users to share files with family and friends through Facebook or e-mail. Multiple files can be copied at once, facilitating smart file sharing and saving.

Compact size and unique denim style
The Connect 301 is exquisitely designed to be compact and attractive, the size of a thumb. The fashion-inspired denim colors show the user's unique personality and taste.

Supports both micro USB and standard USB connections
The Connect 301 is equipped with both a standard USB connector and a micro USB connector, designed for on-the-go mobile devices. Files on smart phones or tablets are easily accessed, making the Connect 301 a fast, convenient link for your mobile lifestyle.

The PQI Connect 301 uses exclusive patented COB technology to create the world’s smallest OTG (USB On the Go) expandable storage device that is "light, thin, short, and small". About the size of a paper clip, it is easily portable and fulfills the modern demands for light and thin devices. With its aesthetic appearance, it is a functional product that can serve as a decorative storage accessory. In terms of functionality, the PQI Connect 301 is a dual connector storage device equipped with both a micro and standard USB interface. Simply plug the micro USB connector into your smartphone or tablet's micro USB slot to transfer documents, photos, videos, and music to your PQI Connect 301, where the files are automatically organized according to category. The device can sync with Facebook, solving the problem of limited, non-expandable storage space on smartphones and tablets. There is no need for inconvenient transmission cables as the device provides simple, instant sharing.

The standard USB connector on the other end can directly plug into laptops, PCs, or any USB port. Use it like any USB flash drive. Music, videos, and other files can be freely accessed according to your personal needs. Through the micro USB connector, music, video, and files on the device may be directly transferred to a smartphone or tablet. Multiple files may be copied at once, saving you waiting time. Convenient, practical, and functional—this is an industry-leading mobile peripheral that can be used with just one click!
SPECIAL FEATURES Includes PQI Connect+ App for use with Android devices
USB3.0 interface, also backwards compatible with USB2.0
TRANSFER SPEEDS USB3.0 transfer up to 5Gbps
DIMENSIONS 36.8mm x 15.0mm x 7.2mm
DEVICE COMPATIBILITY Suitable for Android tablets and phones with OTG support
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
Mac 10.x or above
WARRANTY Lifetime manufacturers warranty
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