Luna Viking Swimming Goggles with Easy-Adjust Strap and Blue Lenses

by Luna Glasses
Luna Viking Swimming Goggles with Easy-Adjust Strap and Blue Lenses Image

Key Features

  • Soft silicon headstrap with Easy-Clip for fast and easy adjustment
  • Wide-vision lenses for panoramic viewing angle above and under water
  • With UV protection which reflect harmful rays from sunlight
  • UltraFUZE Technology offers no-leakage comfort
  • UltraAnti-FOG keeps fog-free and provide longer usage
  • UltraFUZE technology offers ultra-comfortable fitting experience
  • One-piece design with automatic nose bridge adjustment
  • Luna Glasses offers a full range of premium athletic glasses, including sunglasses and swimming goggles
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Swimming Goggles with blue lenses and easy-to-adjust headstrap. Wide view lenses provide panoramic viewing angle and the lenses have built-in UV protection. Comfortable silicone straps and no-leakage one-piece design.

The Luna Viking swimming goggles include many premium features that make these stand out from the crowd:

UltraFIT - lightweight and ergonomic shape and design
UltraFAST Buckle - super-fast side-buckle adjustment system
UltraFUZE Technology - ultra-comfortable fitting experience
UltraAnti-FOG - keeps your goggles fog free for prolonged use
Wide View Lenses - provides wide panoramic viewing angle
UV Protection - keeps harmful sunglit hrays away from your eyes
Safe Case - hard protective acrylic case to keep your goggles protected when not in use

The Luna Viking swimming goggles are recommended for adults and children from 6 years.


Children from 6 years
MATERIALS Lens and buckle: Polycarbonate
Strap: Silicone
Seal: Rubber (TPE)
ACCESSORIES INCLUDED Hard protective case
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WEIGHT 40g (1.4 oz)
COLOUR Grey frame, blue lenses, blue strap
WARRANTY 1 years replacement warranty
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$ 11.02