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EyezOff Burst Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Bottle Cage - White/Red Edition by EyezOff

EyezOff Burst Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Bottle Cage  - White/Red Edition Image

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Key Features

  • Aluminum bicycle bottle water cage - ultra-thin with a thickness of only 1.2mm
  • Includes stainless steel mounting screws for easy attachment to bicycle frame
  • Lightweight heat treated aluminum alloy - weighs only 34g (1.2oz)
  • The oval design and rubber connection helps keep bottles firmly in place, while making it easier to insert bottle
  • The EyezOff Burst bottle cage is designed specifically for racing bikes and bicycle enthusiasts
  • Staying hydrated is essential, and adding a bottle cage to your bicycle encourages water intake during exercise
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Aluminum bottle cage made from heat treated amuminum alloy materials. This Burst bottle cage is extremely durable while also being lightweigh. The oval ergonomic design helps keep your bottle in place, and it also makes insertion of the bottle easier while you keep your eyes firmly on the road ahead. Suitable for all types of bicycles, from city bikes, mountain bikes to racing bikes. The lightweight design of this bottle cage will not weigh you down, with a weight of only 34g (1.2oz).

Includes two stainless steel screws to easy and fast mounting on your bicycle frame. The strong design of this water bottle cage holds your bottle firmly in place while you are cycling, so you do not need to worry about your bottles becoming displaced or falling out.

Staying hydrated while exercising is essential and having one or two bottle cages on your bicycle encourages regular water intake while you exercise.

MATERIALS Aluminum alloy, heat treated
COLOUR White/Red
WEIGHT 34g (1.2oz)
WARRANTY 1 years replacement warranty
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$ 16.03