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EyezOff LED Bicycle Safety Light Front and Rear Set - Black With Mounting Kit by EyezOff

EyezOff LED Bicycle Safety Light Front and Rear Set - Black With Mounting Kit Image

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Key Features

  • LED bicycle light set - contains front and rear light and mounting kit
  • Very bright SMD LEDs - manufactured in ultra-strong weatherproof aluminum materials
  • Two light settings: Constant or Flashing
  • Battery life: Front light up to 90 hours (flashing) / 30 hours (constant) - Rear light up to 120 hours (flashing) / 60 hours (constant)
  • Universal mounting kit makes it easy to mount these LED lights on any bike, front or back
  • Each LED light uses 2x CR2032 coin cell batteries (included)
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Bright set of bicycle LED lights containing a front and a rear LED light. The included mounting kit makes is easy to mount these lights on any bicycle - each light has rubber feet which help the lights stay firmly in place.

The LED lights use 2x CR2032 coin cell batteries (included) and the battery life is up to 120 hours. Designed in ultra-strong weatherproof aluminum materials.

These lights are easily switched on by simply pressing the light gently. This toggles between the two light settings and the off setting.

With two different light setting: Constant or Flashing.

Expected battery life on full charge:

Constant - 60 hours (rear) / 30 hours (front)
Flashing - 120 hours (rear) / 90 hours (front)

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$ 18.58