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EyezOff Credit Card Sized Multi-tool with 11 Functions by EyezOff

EyezOff Credit Card Sized Multi-tool with 11 Functions Image
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Key Features

  • 11-function multi-tool, credit card sized
  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • Fits easily in a wallet or pocket
  • Carrying pouch for protects your wallet or pocket from sharp edges
  • Functions include: can opener, wrenches in 6 sizes, screwdriver, ruler and more
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EyezOff Credit Card Sized Multi-tool allows you to be handy without a toolbox.  The stainless steel wallet multi-tool card has 11 helpful functions including a: ruler, can opener, beer bottle opener, flat screwdriver, 2 position wrench, 4 position wrench, butterfly wrench, saw blade, sharp edge, direction auxiliary indicator, and key ring hole.

While all of the tools provide helpful methods for getting things done, the sharp edge is most important to anyone who frequently opens letters or packages.  Gone are the days of searching everywhere for a box cutter or letter opener. To use, simply open your wallet and run the sharp edge of EyezOff Credit Card Sized Multi-tool over your letter or package.

The sharp edge is a major bonus to owning this multi-tool. However, one of the most interesting features of EyezOff Credit Card Sized Multi-tool is its portable design. EyezOff Credit Card Sized Multi-tool includes a protective carrying case and can be added to your wallet, pocket, or keyring.

Overall, the 11 tools on this portable wallet multi-tool card make being helpful possible without the inconvenience of a bulging pocket or heavy toolbox carryon.

COLOR Silver
DIMENSIONS 6.9x4.5x0.2cm
WARRANTY 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
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$ 8.73