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PQI Connect 204 Black Micro USB OTG Storage Adapter for Android Devices by PQI

PQI Connect 204 Black Micro USB OTG Storage Adapter for Android Devices Image

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Key Features

  • OTG (On-The-Go) micro USB adapter for Android devices
  • Adds a full-size USB port to any compatible Android phone or tablet
  • Great for transferring pictures, music, movies
  • Includes free download of PQI Connect+ App for Android
  • Easily expand the storage on your phone or tablet
  • Black colour
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PQI Connect 204 micro USB adapter for Android devices with support for OTG storage. Simply plug this adapter in to your Android phone or tablet, and it gives you a full-size USB port for connecting a USB Flash Drive. Great device for transferring pictures, movies and music to and from Android devices.

Stylish black colour and includes free download of PQI Connect+ App, designed for Android devices.

In one tiny package, the PQI Connect Series offers the ultimate in power and convenience. The secret is in Connect's dual head. Equipped with both a micro and standard USB head; PQI Connect allows you to seamlessly transfer multimedia files between your smartphone, tablet PC, and traditional PC. With PQI Connect's standard USB head—compatible with USB ports found on traditional PCs—taking files, videos, music, and pictures on the go is no problem. PQI Connect's micro USB head means that downloads to and from your smartphone or tablet PC—whether it be your favorite video of the week, or that picture from your recent trip to Bali— has never been faster or easier. For power, speed, and convenience in the palm of your hand, look no further than the PQI Connect.

A Brand New Storage Solution

PQI Connect 204 is a storage device for smartphones, tablets, and PCs that comes with micro USB and standard USB interfaces. It is the perfect solution for the limited storage capacity that plagues mobile devices. And say goodbye to cumbersome USB cables—with PQI Connect 204 you can just plug and go.
Affordable Convenience

Smartphones today offer consumers a large range of storage capacities. Higher storage capacity, however, means higher cost. Yet with PQI Connect 204, not only can you expand the storage space on your smartphone for a fraction of the cost of buying a high storage capacity smartphone, but if you later decide to switch phones, PQI Connect 204 can be used again and again. Plus, you can simply expand your storage space with USB flash drives, saving you a bundle in storage upgrades.

DIMENSIONS 27.15mm x 17.11mm x 9.11mm
SOFTWARE INCLUDED Free download of PQI Connect+ Android App
COMPATIBILITY Suitable for Android devices with support for OTG
WARRANTY 1 years manufacturers warranty
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$ 7.70