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Asus Blu-ray Combo Slim External Drive - SBC-06D2X-U - Black by ASUS

Asus Blu-ray Combo Slim External Drive - SBC-06D2X-U - Black Image

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Key Features

  • Asus External Blu-ray Combo
  • Featuring CD-ROM drive speeds up to 190 ms, DVD random access speeds up to 180 ms
  • Supports USB 2.0 Interface
  • Award Winning Design inspired from miniaturized architectural forms!
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BDXL™ Format Support

BDXL read only format allows users to read huge amount of data on a single Blu-ray disc, up to 100GB on BD-R(TL) and 128GB on BD-R(QL).

The Best Burning Quality

Auto Tuning Power technology ensures optimized power to burn a disc with the best quality.

Double the Security On-the-Go

Disc Encryption II doubles the security with password-controls and hidden-file function, protecting important user data.


Friendly interface with only three simple steps to burn a disc, making the process easier than ever.

CACHE Drive device, buffer size: 5.8 MB
ACCESS TIME BD-ROM average random access time: 230 ms
CD-ROM drive average random access time: 190 ms
DVD drive average random access time: 180 ms
READ SPEEDS DVD+R read speed: 8x
DVD-R read speed: 8x
DVD+R Double Layer read speed: 6x
DVD+RW read speed: 8x
DVD-RW read speed: 8x
CD-R read speed: 24x
CD-RW read speed: 24x
DVD-ROM read speed: 8x
CD-ROM read speed: 24x
BD-ROM read speed: 6x
BD-R Dual Layer read speed: 6x
BD-R read speed: 6x
BD-RE Dual Layer read speed: 6x
BD-RE read speed: 6x
DVD-R Double Layer read speed: 6x
WRITE SPEEDS DVD+R write speed: 8x
DVD-R write speed: 8x
DVD+RW write speed: 8x
DVD-RW write speed: 6x
CD-R write speed: 24x
CD-RW write speed: 16x
COMPATIBILITY Windows 7 and later Windows additions
DIMENSIONS Width: 140 mm
Depth: 157 mm
Height: 18.5 mm
WEIGHT 0.34 kg
WARRANTY 1 years manufacturers warranty
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$ 117.47