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24GB OWC DDR3 1333MHz PC3-10666 SDRAM ECC Memory Module by OWC

24GB OWC DDR3 1333MHz PC3-10666 SDRAM ECC Memory Module Image

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Key Features

  • 24GB OWC Memory
  • DDR3, 1333MHz, PC3-10666
  • 240-pin DIMM, CL9
  • ECC for Mac Pro 'Nehalem' & 'Westmere' Models
  • Backed by a lifetime manufacturers warranty
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These OWC memory modules fully meet/exceed Apple's Mac Pro Quad & 8-Core Xeon model memory specifications. Utilization of qualified Apple Mac Pro Heat-Spreaders, Apple Qualified IDT AMBs, and the best major brand memory components ensure maximum performance and trouble-free operation. Modules are fully tested prior to shipment.

Apple specifically designed the Mac Pro with more space between each slot to accommodate the Apple Proprietary Heat-Spreader for thermal requirements. Use of Apple's spreader solution and the highest grade, thermally tolerant components ensure that these Mac Pro Quad Xeon Memory Upgrade Kits will provide a lifetime of reliable and trouble-free operation.

Apple notes that using parts with a non-Apple standard heat-spreader and which only meet JEDEC standard specifications can result in higher fan speeds due to increased internal temperatures and system controlled reduction of memory performance to prevent thermal overload. OWC's testing has found that use of non Apple qualified spec modules leads to ECC errors and ultimate system lock ups as non-spec modules reach significantly higher temperatures.

24GB, DDR3, ECC PC3-10666, 1333MHz SDRAM PC3-10600 ECC for Mac Pro 'Nehalem' & 'Westmere' models. New, Lifetime Advance Replacement Limited Warranty.

WARRANTY Lifetime manufacturers warranty
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