Cougar 140mm 1000RPM LED Case Fan - Green

by Cougar Gaming
Cougar 140mm 1000RPM LED Case Fan - Green Image

Key Features

  • Includes One 140mm Case Fan
  • 1000RPM (PWM)
  • Max Noise levels of 18dBA
  • Airflows of 73.18CFM, 124.4m3/h
  • Overall Dimension of 140mm x 140mm x 25mm (WxDxH)
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Cougar is designed to bring state-of-the-art technologies together with aesthetic design, rather than restricting to one of these aspects. The overriding philosophy of the company is to create exclusively those products, the development of which is the user's focus. The never-ending enthusiasm and effervescent spirit of the Cougar Design team is an indispensable guarantee for the continuous progress of the company. 

After Cougar has impressed impressive successes with PC housings, especially in the press, and celebrated with German users very popular power supplies, the manufacturer has been penetrating more and more into the field of gaming input devices since 2015, and is also creating innovative innovations there Products. With numerous gaming mice and keyboards, Cougar offers a comprehensive portfolio for PC gamers with professional requirements, but with stylish housings, quiet fans and efficient power supplies, the Cougar continues to focus on the needs of hobbyists. 

The D14HB series in the 140-millimeter format combines style with high-quality technology. In addition to the unilluminated version with black-transparent fan blades, the colorful siblings create optical accents: in addition to variants in white, red and blue, this version with green rotor and Led lighting. Cougar LED fans are therefore the perfect choice for through-styled computers and modding projects. 

The D14HB-B fans should not only look good, but above all also provide gaming computers reliably and quietly with sufficient cooling air. Cougar therefore relies on state-of-the-art technologies, comprehensive equipment and attractive optics. The patented fan blade design of the black-transparent blades reduces the turbulence and thus the noise level with the same high performance. The two-stage profile used with the flow bodies referred to as claws resembles the wings of modern commercial aircraft. Less turbulence, less resistance, less noise at the same power are always desired in the PC: Cougar fans boost more air at lower sound emissions than standard fans. 

In addition, Cougar prevents background noise and body noise, which further reduces the noise level of the entire computer: the hydraulic bearing used (Hydraulich Bearing) ensures a particularly even running. HB fans run differently than ball bearing and simple plain bearing models, so they remain extremely quiet over the entire service life. With the supplied rubber pens for tool-free assembly, the fans are effectively decoupled from the housing. The transmission of body sound can thus be minimized. 


DIMENSIONS 5.31" x 5.31" x 0.79"
WEIGHT 0.22kg
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