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Zombie Family Value Collection Car Sticker Kit (10 Stickers) by Car Stickers

Zombie Family Value Collection Car Sticker Kit (10 Stickers) Image

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Key Features

  • Zombie Family Value Collection Kit
  • Contains 10 stickers
  • Sticker height up to 5 inches
  • Contains Mom, Dad, 2 Boys, 2 Girls, 2 Babies, 2 Pets
  • Very easy to apply and remove
  • Great gift idea
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Value pack with the popular Zombie Family Collection Kit. This kit contains 10 individual stickers of all family members including two babies and a dog and a cat. Height of stickers up to 5 inches. Printed on white outdoor rated vinyl which will withstand the elements for many years.

Simply peel and stick onto any flat surface, ideal for use on the back window of any car. Removal is clean and easy.

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$ 10.34