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Team USB3.1 to USB Type-C Metallic Cable 100cm Gray (w/LED Charging Indicator) by Team

Team USB3.1 to USB Type-C Metallic Cable 100cm Gray (w/LED Charging Indicator) Image

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Key Features

  • 100 cm (3.3 ft) length - Gray Edition - Durable aluminum connectors at both ends
  • USB3.1 connector at one end - USB Type-C connector at other end
  • LED charging status indicator showing charging activity and indicates when your device is fully charged
  • Robust and scratch resistant aluminum alloy connectors. Best combination of strength and elegance
  • Kevlar woven cable surface that survives your daily wear and tear
  • Hard to get tangled in a mess. No more untying knots after leaving the cable in the bag
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  • Gray
  • Silver

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100cm (3.3ft) USB3.1 to USB Type-C cable, designed for newer USB connections and mobile devices. USB3.1 connection at one end, USB Type-C at the other. Can be used to connect devices to your newer laptop with USB Type-C ports - or for charging your newer USB devices from a standard USB port.

Features an LED status indicator, showing charging activity and indicates when your device is fully charged.

The Kevlar woven cable surface easily survives your daily wear and tear.

Aluminum connector is both solid and stylish
WC0A is using aluminum connector that is not only stylish, but it also has been tested numerous times on plug in and pulling to ensure it is both solid and durable.

Reinforced braiding cable is super sturdy and pull resistant
WC0A is also built with super reinforced braided mesh nylon to strengthen the cable and provide consumers a military grade cable that is solid, abrasion resistant and pull resistant.

Premium grade copper wire for an even better charging performance
The inside of WC07 is made of high density and conductivity copper wire material to decrease electrical impedance and reduce the power consumption caused by transferring through wire. Now you can have a faster and smoother charging experience.

Breathing LED indicator provides a quick-glance device charging status
The light bolt indicator elegantly shows your device charging status. The light bolt breaths when your device is charging, and the light-bolt stays blue once your device is fully charged. You can easily know if your device is ready to go without picking it up!

LENGTH 1.0m (100cm / 3.3 ft)
GENDER Male to Male
CABLE TYPE USB Device and Charging Cable
User Reviews
  • 1 review
George Ash
February 26th 2021 Verified user
Perfect for the ability to transfer data between my mobile (type c) and my PC (usb 3.1) with this stylish cable which has a illuminated charging indicator, as always first class service from all at Memory
Review of Team USB3.1 to USB Type-C Metallic Cable 100cm Silver (w/LED Charging Indicator)
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$ 10.25