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der8auer Skylake-X Direct Die Frame by der8auer

der8auer Skylake-X Direct Die Frame Image

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Key Features

  • Allows the CPU to be operated and cooled without a heatspreader
  • Suitable for Skylake-X CPUs
  • Secure mounting for maximum cooling performance
  • Compatible with current Socket 2066 motherboards
  • Manufactured in high-grade black anodized aluminium
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Use this CPU mounting frame to install a Skylake-X CPU without a heatspreader. Compatible with Socket 2066 based motherboards. Ideal for overclockers wanting to get the most from their Skylake-X CPU.

The Skylake-X Direct Die Frame has been developed by the famous OC champion "der8auer" and it embodies the best of German precision engineering.

Watch the Youtube video for a guide to how to use this, and how it helps you squeeze the most performance out of your Skylake-X CPU.

Taking Overclocking to the Limit

Intel has employed the LGA (Land Grid Array) for attaching CPUs to their respective motherboards since 2004. Motherboards have, since that time, housed the connector pins that were previously attached to the underside of the CPU and - unlike AMD processors with PGA technology (Pin Grid Array), Intel CPUs have only had flat contact surfaces. To ensure that an Intel processor can remain securely seated in the socket, it is fastened into place using a foldable frame situated above the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS).

The nickel-plated copper heat spreader, in the factory default setup, removes the heat produced by the CPU and transfers it into the CPU cooler which dissipates the thermal energy across a larger surface area than that available to the silicon alone. However the role of forming a tight seal between said components falls to a Thermal Interface Material (TIM) located between the heat spreader and the silicon chip. This standard thermal paste supplied with Intel processors offers relatively low levels of thermal conductivity, as a result of this it frequently struggles to maintain reasonable temperatures when faced with heavy overclocking.

TYPE Mounting Frame
PACKAGE CONTENTS 1x Direct Die Frame
1x Back plate
5x M3 screws
1x Hex key
1x Torx key
1x Plastic spatula
WARRANTY 2 years manufacturers warranty
User Reviews
  • 1 review
Fernando Matias II
September 13th 2019 Verified user
Really love this product, it fits precisely.
Review of der8auer Skylake-X Direct Die Frame
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$ 76.38