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16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400MHz CL16 DDR4 Dual Memory Kit (2x 8GB) by Corsair

16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400MHz CL16 DDR4 Dual Memory Kit (2x 8GB) Image

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Key Features

  • Dual 16GB memory kit (2x8GB)
  • 2400MHz memory speed
  • 288-pin, CL16
  • Low voltage 1.20V ensures lower power consumption
  • Backed by a lifetime manufacturers warranty
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  • 8GB
  • 16GB
CAS Latency
  • CL14
  • CL16
Heatsink Color
  • Black
  • Red

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Vengeance LPX memory is designed for high-performance overclocking. The heatspreader is made of pure aluminum for faster heat dissipation, and the eight-layer PCB helps manage heat and provides superior overclocking headroom. Each IC is individually screened for performance potential.

The DDR4 form factor is optimized for the latest Intel 200 Series motherboards and offers higher frequencies, greater bandwidth, and lower power consumption than DDR3 modules. Vengeance LPX DDR4 modules are compatibility-tested across 200 Series motherboards for reliably fast performance. And, they’re available in multiple colors to match your motherboard, your components, or just your style.

Compatibility tested across 200 Series motherboards for reliably fast performance
Part of our exhaustive testing process includes performance and compatibility testing on most every 200 Series motherboard on the market – and a few that aren’t.

Designed for high-performance overclocking
Each Vengeance LPX module is built from an eight-layer PCB and highly-screened memory ICs. The efficient heat spreader provides effective cooling to improve overclocking potential.

Pure aluminum heat spreader for faster heat dissipation and cooler operation
Overclocking overhead is limited by operating temperature. The unique design of the Vengeance LPX heat spreader optimally pulls heat away from the ICs and into your system’s cooling path, so you can push it harder.

The heat spreader doesn’t just allow Vengeance LPX to run better… the aggressive yet refined form factor looks great in showcase systems.

Available in multiple colors to match your motherboard or your system
The best high-performance systems look as good as they run. Vengeance LPX is available in several colors to match your motherboard, your other components, your case… or just your favorite color.

Low-profile design fits in smaller spaces
When the first Mini-ITX and Micro ATX motherboards for DDR4 are released, Vengeance LPX will be ready. The small form factor makes it ideal for smaller cases or any system where internal space is at a premium.

SINGLE/DUAL/TRIPLE Dual channel kit
PACKAGING Retail packaging
WARRANTY Lifetime manufacturers warranty
User Reviews
  • 2 reviews
Filip Janiszewski
16 Corsair Vegeance LPX 2400MHz CL 14 DDR 4 Dual Memory KIt (2x8GB)
October 20th 2021 Verified user
its good product easy to install and doesnt require much knowledge only thing is u have to reboot ur system to make it work but other thsn that im happy with my purchase it made my gamming experience bot better and now i can enjoy gamming when i holded my 2 of em i say quality of product is excellent well made and it does one way on mother board well done for making such good product
Review of 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX PC-19200 DDR4 2400MHz CL14 Dual Memory Kit (2 x 8GB)
Jose Clark
March 21st 2021 Verified user
Two enthusiastic thumbs up!
Review of 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400MHz CL14 DDR4 Dual Memory Kit (2x8GB)
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$ 100.02