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Kensington Samsung Galaxy S4 Gel Phone Case - Black by Kensington

Kensington Samsung Galaxy S4 Gel Phone Case - Black  Image
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Key Features

  • Ideal for Samsung Galaxy S4 phones
  • Shock-absorbing rubber
  • Button cut outs
  • Gel case
  • Backed by Kensington's 1 year manufacturer's warranty
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  • Black
  • Grey


A smartphone case serves many purposes. Sure it’s supposed to protect your Samsung Galaxy S 4 from life’s scratches, bumps and bruises. But that’s really just the beginning and it’s what separates an ordinary case from a great case.

A great smartphone case doesn’t interfere with the operation or even the feel of your Samsung Galaxy S 4 and can actually enhance your experience. After all, your case is the interface between you and your smartphone. How does the case feel in your hand? Does it feel slick or sticky? Or does it feel just right, so it’s easy to hold on to and less likely to be dropped. Will your Galaxy S 4 still slip easily into and out of your pocket? The Kensington Gel Case for Samsung Galaxy S 4 strikes the perfect balance between protection and feel.

The Kensington Gel Case for Samsung Galaxy S 4 cushions your phone from those inevitable bumps and bruises with shock-absorbing rubber. What’s more, the case feels great in the hand with a tactile finish that still slips easily in and out of your pocket. Since the Kensington Gel Case is designed specifically for the Galaxy S 4, it won’t interfere with any of the controls, touchscreen, ports or the camera.

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$ 7.96