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StarTech 6FT HDMI Male to HDMI Male Premium Certified Cable - Black by StarTech

StarTech 6FT HDMI Male to HDMI Male Premium Certified Cable - Black Image

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Key Features

  • 6FT cable length
  • HDMI to HDMI
  • Male to Male
  • TPE jacket absorbs stress of frequent bends protecting the core
  • Ultra HD high speed HDMI cable w/Kevlar aramid fiber for high tensile strength
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This High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet withstands the daily demands of connecting your HDMI devices. Tested to endure strenuous wear and tear, the rugged cable is a must-have for both business and consumer applications. 

Built for Daily Use

The HDMI Premium Certified cable has aramid fiber reinforcement that braces it from the stress of frequent bends. This also lets the cable flex without over-stretching or damaging the core of the cable.

Cable Key Features

Aramid fiber adds strength and durability to the cable

Insulated conductors reduce friction, provide more flexibility

EMI protection with aluminum-mylar foil with braided shielding

TPE cable jacket is more flexible than a standard PVC cable

Flexible Strain Relief

The cable is constructed to prevent the connector from separating from the jacket. The extra-long strain relief molding is tested to withstand over 10,000+ bend cycles at a 180° angle. 

Connector Key Features

HDMI gold plated connector with metal shield protects the circuit board from EMI and reinforces the connection point

Strain relief tested to tolerate over 10,000+ bend cycles at a 180° angle

CONNECTORS Connector 1: HDMI Type A (Standard)
Connector 2: HDMI Type A (Standard)
WARRANTY Lifetime manufacturers warranty
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$ 22.80