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Tripp Lite 19 Inch 42U SmartRack Expandable Standard Depth Server Rack Enclosure Cabinet by Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite 19 Inch 42U SmartRack Expandable Standard Depth Server Rack Enclosure Cabinet Image

$ 3,500.37 No sales tax on VA orders

Key Features

  • 19-inch 42U expandable rack enclosure cabinet
  • Compact design allows entrance into standard height commercial doorways
  • Split rear door design allows the enclosure to be placed closer to a wall
  • Textured powder coat finish for tough resistance to environmental concerns
  • Backed by a 5 years manufacturers warranty
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The SR42UBEXP is an expansion model used when several cabinets are bayed together. It has doors and a roof but no side panels. Its integrated baying tabs make it easy to combine multiple enclosures in rows from data center application. The SR42UBEXP is also compatible with hot aisle/cold aisle configurations.

The SR42UBEXP houses 1360 kgs of standard 19-inch rack equipment in 42U. Offers vendor-neutral square hole/cage nut mounting for guaranteed compatibility with all EIA-310-E compliant 19" equipment. Its front and rear pairs of vertical rails are adjustable in quarter-inch increments from 4 to 37 inches. Adjustment is quick and an easy-view depth index ensures consistent rail placement without requiring time-consuming measurements. Each rack space within the enclosure is numbered for ready reference. Two of these adjustable vertical mounting rails support toolless button-mount 0U installation of up to four compatible PDUs and cable managers. This feature makes it easier to route cabling to rack equipment and reduces cord clutter.

The top panel of the SR42UBEXP is vented to help remove warm air from the enclosure and draw in cool air by convection. The top panel includes ports for cable routing, and can be quickly removed without tools. To facilitate cable access, the SR42UBEXP is open-bottom.

All components of the SR42UBEXP are grounded to the enclosure frame. Front and rear threaded grounding points are provided for connection to the facility earth ground. The removable front and rear doors feature quick-release ground wires.

To simplify deployment, the SR42UBEXP comes with preinstalled casters that enable it to be easily maneuvered into the desired location, where it can be secured by adjusting the preinstalled levelers. Note: the casters are intended for minor position adjustments and are not designed for moving the enclosure over long distances.

TYPE Freestanding rack
WARRANTY 5 years manufacturers warranty
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$ 3,500.37